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Stick Class Video

Spend an hour learning a ridiculously effective, simple, fun way to stretch

 those forever tight back and shoulders.

Symmetrical Movement Technique (Stick Stretching) is an innovative, fun, and effective approach to fitness and mind-body awareness through stretching, and toning while using a four or six-foot stick as a partner and tool. Using a gentle blend of Yoga, Tai Chi and martial arts, its purpose is to restore mobility and flexibility while paying attention to posture, alignment and symmetry. And

it’s easy!

You will learn take home routines you can use to invigorate and improve your movement and reduce stiffness and restriction in your shoulders and back and joints. And it’s simple to do, you can start at any level! Improve your posture and reverse the slumping, hunching and hurt caused

by our computer lifestyles!

 Usually taught on the last Saturday of the month, call the office for exact times.

Location: Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, 2704 Alcatraz Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705

Cost : $ 15 cash or check at the door; or call our office 510-428-9288 to register or Email me, Doug Ross DC at with any questions. Please let us know in advance, attendance is limited to 12 people. Sticks will be provided by the instructor. Wear comfortable loose clothing.

Dr Ross is a Chiropractor, practicing in Oakland for 30 years. He has taught safety and injury prevention for the SF Opera, SF Opera Orchestra, Labor Unions, American Conservatory Theater and many other businesses. He is certified to teach Dynamic Stick Stretching.