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Meet the Doctors

Rockridge Family Chiropractic was established in the early 1980’s and has stayed in the lower Rockridge area the entire time – in the neighborhood since before it was hip! Our goal is to help people regain and maintain their health through Chiropractic care, primarily through spinal care and education. We are a family practice that specializes in, everyone!

Get to know Dr. Ross

Dr. Doug Ross“I was one of those kids who loved anatomy and physiology books and read them for fun. When my mom took me to an old country Osteopath at age 12 after jumping off a sand cliff just to see what would happen (you get hurt), who adjusted me (the term for moving and correcting spinal misalignment), I went WOW, no pills or shots and I got better.

Years later in college, I took more anatomy and physiology for fun, although not in my degree. The turning point came after college, when a friend and chiropractor showed me my x-rays, I was blown away by the beauty and symmetry of the structures. That and 4,800 hours more of graduate study and I became a DC – Doctor of Chiropractic! Hardly linear, but consistent!”

Dr. Ross was a Qualified Medical Evaluator for the State of California Workers Compensation system for many years, and has taught injury prevention’s safety classes for the San Francisco Opera, Opera orchestra, American Conservatory Theater and the Stage Hands Union Local 16, among many others.

Get to Know Dr. Frederick

Dr. Virginia Frederick“I first experienced chiropractic as a patient myself. I was working in Atlantic City as a performer in a Black light Puppet Troupe. As a puppeteer, I stood for many hours of rehearsal with my arms overhead – Ouch! This led me to a seek out a chiropractor down near the boardwalk. I was very impressed and when I returned to my home in New York City, I continued as a patient there.

As a six foot tall woman, I had spent years slouching. Chiropractic helped me to stand up straight, feel more at ease in my body and to relieve the myriad discomforts that I thought were just part of living. I learned that I could maximize my own wellness and I was eager to help others to do just that as well. I have particularly been interested in helping other performing artists and children.

I am very excited about the many techniques and approaches we employ to care for our patients. Chiropractic has saved my life and I love helping others to realize its benefits.”

Here at Rockridge Family Chiropractic we use the Impulse IQ instrument which allows us to help a wide range of people, from the frail elderly, tiny babies and injured folks, up to athletes and performers in the peak of condition.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you and your family with chiropractic care. Contact us today!

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